This Epicure Digital Display System (”System”) uses our Epicure Digital Centra Cloud Server (”Server”) to control, maintain and schedule content on Samsung Smart Signage Platform (“SSSP”) LED LCDs. The System’s Online Menu module includes hyperlinks for posting your daily menus on your website for viewing on computers, smart phones and tablets. Each LCD may be controlled independently or configured to mirror the same content. You will control the System via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) on any computer, Windows® or

Mac®, that has Internet access to our Server. The LCDs can connect via Ethernet or WiFi (WPA2 Personal security).


Samsung SSSP LED LCDs include built-in networking connections and the Samsung Smart Signage Platform software and hardware for making each LCD its own media player. Each SSSP LCD is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core system-on-chip with 2.5GB, LPDDR4 1.5GHz 64 Bit main interface memory and an 8GB FDM. It provides a powerful streamlined solution for receiving and displaying its content, reducing the need for a separate media player and reducing the total cost of ownership in digital signage deployments through savings in hardware installation and operating costs.


Installation of the LCDs, all networking and power will be your responsibility, but we will review your plans; coordinate installation with your architectural, engineering, contracting and IT team; and will call in to regular project management meetings.


We will comply with all of your network security requirements.


We will provide as much training as will be required for as long as you use the System. All training will be via telephone and online.


We will provide live telephone support Monday thru Friday, 7am-6:30pm PT, except legal holidays, with emergency callback support within three hours at all other times.

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Shown here are

Samsung SSSP LCDs

connecting over

the Internet

to our Epicure Digital

Centra Cloud Server

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